Friday, 27 September 2013

Why use a professional proofreading service?

Texts are a vital part of our everyday life and all types of written copy are a powerful tool for communication, promotion, advertising and sharing ideas. What is becoming apparent, however, is that written copy is only as good as its ability to clearly communicate its message. If, for any reason, it is vague, illogical, inaccurate, or full of errors in grammar, spelling and/or English usage, it is doomed to be ineffective and it will not reach its intended audience.
It is, of course, a fact that everyone makes mistakes, even if just small grammatical errors or a case of careless spelling. When typing on a keyboard it could even be a typo due to high speed. We may not consider it important, but mistakes and misprints, however tiny, can ruin the image of our entire document or website. What is more, having spent hours writing, we can not spot the mistakes in our texts ourselves.
Unfortunately, there is not a spellcheck program out there that will catch all the potential mistakes one can make while writing. This is why having your written copy checked by a second pair of eyes is so important, as some types of mistakes and misprints are not picked up by any word processor. What a better example than this poem dedicated to "The the Impotence of Proofreading
As mistakes and misprints predispose the readers to losing their confidence not only in the material itself, but in the person or people behind it as well, having your texts proofread can be extremely beneficial, whatever their use might be. For business documents, it can help you present a more professional profile; if it is an academic assignment, it can elevate the quality of writing and potentially lead to better grades; if you are not a native English speaker, it can help you overcome the language barrier and for an amateur author, having your book checked before sending it off to an editor, can boost your confidence.
Proofreading of written material is the final essential step that must be taken before a document can be considered complete. Using a professional online proofreading service is an easy way of ensuring that the written copy will put your ideas across clearly and successfully and that it will be readable, correct and effectively presented.

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